Our Approach

Tired of the attitude some shops give to your brand or style of vehicle? We are too and we need to support all vehicle types in order for the industry to survive!

There are literally thousands of parts and accessory manufacturers out there. We have access to a full line up of brands offering extensive research and development with unparalleled experience in the industry to give you the best parts. While we may not be able to get all brands to support every make or model of vehicle, we will gladly see what we can and offer our help to our fullest ability.

Our Story

Like most car enthusiasts, we started dreaming about the car(s) we wanted and what we would do to them, even before we were able to drive!  Over the years we have had many different types of vehicles, each one has seen a different level of accessories and "mods".  This being said, we know where you're coming from where every part purchase is quickly followed by researching for the next!  Knowing this isn't a cheap hobby, we do our best to keep the costs low to support your dream (and we won't tell your spouse how much you spent! haha)

Meet the Team

If you are like us, you likely remember people by the vehicle they drive more than their names!  So here a few shop cars to remember us by.

GTR website photo

El Presidente

"The boss" or so he tells himself

We don't have much to list here because we don't pay attention to what he says.

BRZ website photo

Important Person!

Or they think they are. . .

This is a perfect example of fighting above your weigh class!

Prius side shot

"Hey you"

Kinda like "the annoying step child"

No one wants to admit it, but they are reliable and you can count on them daily.